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Practical, research-based information for parents and caregivers with preschoolers.

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How to parent preschoolers

Three, four, five! Preschoolers grow so quickly. Parents and teachers use these short articles to understand, enjoy, and guide children ages 3 to 5.

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How to raise happy, healthy kids

Do you wonder about how your child is growing? Struggle to parent your preschooler? Then these age-paced answers about child development and parenting are for you!

How to understand your child’s personality

Your child is unique. And may be different from you! Understand how to parent children based on their temperament or personality.

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How to help preschoolers with strong feelings

Emotion coaching helps kids and adults through strong feelings. This short video series helps parents understand and respond to big emotions.

How to care for kids with a parent in jail or prison

If you know a child who has a parent in jail or prison, this is for you. Learn about visitation, communication, and co-parenting during a parent’s time in jail or prison.

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Parenting Children of All Ages

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View Our Entire Parenting Library

View our library of free parenting resources. Whether you’re brushing up on info about how children grow or have a specific challenge in mind, our resources are science-based and practical.

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Parenting in Five Minutes or Less

Want a quick way to learn more about your kid? Browse short videos for tips on how to parent through everyday challenges. Find 60+ videos that are five minutes or less.

Parenting by Age

Find the best information for your child based on their age

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