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Join a free online parenting class every Thursday at 7 PM. Connect with other parents. Get practical, positive parenting ideas. Help children grow.

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Co-Parenting Classes

Join us for a series of free classes for parents or caregivers raising children together while living apart. Classes are the first Thursday of the month.

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The Strong Couples Program

Sign up for The Strong Couples program to improve your romantic relationship via online learning and coaching. The program is backed by research and free!

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Fatherhood Needs Assesment

At the UW-Madison Extension, we are committed to meeting the needs of underserved parents and families. Yet, we realized that we were not serving fathers in our programming at the same rate that we had been serving mothers.

Given the importance of fathers for child development, we stepped back to assess what fathers in Wisconsin need and where the gaps are in current services. We found that fathers want to father and to be actively involved in nurturing relationships.

Fathers also face many challenges, including systemic barriers to fatherhood. More effectively meeting the needs of fathers will result in downstream benefits for the whole family.

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