The Strong Couples Program

The Strong Couples Program

Classes and coaching that strengthen your relationship. Backed by research.

Free Relationship Help For Couples in All Life Stages

Having a strong relationship with your romantic partner can be hard. And when you need help, finding trustworthy support can be difficult. The Strong Couples Program can help.

The Strong Couples Program is:

  • Six self-paced online modules. Topics include communication, commitment, problem-solving, and fun and friendship.
  • Five brief video calls with a trained coach.

The Strong Couples Program is free! You can start any time.

This program is for couples together six months or longer in all life stages. This educational program is NOT counseling. The program teaches couples to use tools that improve their relationship.

Benefits to Couples

Why should you and your partner consider the Strong Couples Program?

  • The Strong Couples Program is one of the most scientifically-supported online programs for couple relationships
  • It is supported by multiple research studies that show that couples who participate demonstrate improved relationship and individual well-being compared to couples who do not participate in the program
  • The program has helped thousands of couples to date

The Strong Couples Program is led by the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign and the University of Illinois Extension. The University of Wisconsin-Madison Extension is a partner of this project.

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