Janice Schreier

Does My Child Have An Anxiety Disorder? What is Normal Anxiety vs Abnormal Anxiety?

Learning objectives:

  • What is normal anxiety and what purpose does it serve for us.
  • When should we be concerned about our child’s level of anxiety
  • How to support children to learn and use the skills to manage anxiety


Janice Schreier, MSW/LCSW Child & Adolescent Clinical Therapist who has practiced at Mayo Clinic Health System for the last twelve years.  She works with children, adolescents, and families and facilitates a group that focuses on the management of anxiety disorders in youth.  Janice values the participation of families in their child’s therapy sessions and one of her goals is to empower families to be a part of the process of treating the child’s mental health condition. This session will help families identify when anxiety is maladaptive and what they can do to support their children with learning the skills to manage anxiety.

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