Additional Resources on Healthy Relationships

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General Relationships – Family, Social and Work

The Gottman Institute is nationally known for decades of research and education on relationship dynamics. The link includes some free tools, an informative blog and many resources for a fee.

Getting Our Hearts Right: Three Keys to Better Relationships is available in both English and Espanol. The three sections – Humility, Compassion and Positivity – are colorful and interactive, focused on the self, and designed for readers to learn, apply and reflect.

The Five Love Languages contains information for couples and parents about individual preferences for expressing and experiencing love, apology, and appreciation. It also includes an anger management assessment.  Viewers can complete free assessments to receive their individual profile with explanation. Additional resources for couples and parents are also available for a charge.

How to Connect With Anyone four-minute youtube video showing the power of eye contact for truly connecting with others.

Couple and Marriage Relationships

The Marriage Garden is a time-tested, research-based interactive program for new couples developed by Arkansas University Extension. The six sections are available in both English and Espanol.

Healthy Relationship and Marriage Education Training (HRMET) The seven modules are intended as part of a larger face-to-face training but are still valuable as stand-alone learning installments. Each module includes a 15-20 minute video along with supportive fact sheets. The top-quality curriculum is developed by the National Extension Relationship and Marriage Education Network (NERMEN).

Elevate – Taking your Relationship to the Next Level is free online program from the National Extension Relationship and Marriage Education Network (NERMEN) that blends practical skills with science to help couples grow in knowledge in skills for enhancing their interpersonal relationship.

Hold Me Tight: Seven Conversations for a Lifetime of Love by Dr. Sue Johnson is available in print and audio book, intended for use by couples to make their bonds stronger, more lasting and secure.

Utah State University’s Strong Latino Couple Relationships and en Espanol Relaciones Latinas De Parejas Fuertes is a four-section activity book for Latino couples to work through together.

Couple Checkup As an online customized assessment tool, Couple Checkup is meant to be a fun, easy way for couples in different stages to take a closer look at their relationship, increase relationship strengths and, above all, spark meaningful conversations between partners. There is a fee for the checkup and there are also gift cards available.

Iowa State University Extension’s Money Mechanics – Communication is a 4-page publication designed to help couples and families talk about money, set shared financial goals and develop plans.

It’s Not About the Nail is a comical two-minute video that makes a point about communication differences.


National Stepfamily Resource Center website is a national clearinghouse of the most current research-based resources and information, overseen by Auburn University.

Quick Steps: Information to Help Your Stepfamily Thrive contains the most current applied research-based information about remarriage and stepfamilies, overseen by Auburn University. These one or two-page downloads are in easy-to-read format on a variety of topics important to stepfamilies.

Handling Stepfamily Money from the National Stepfamily Resource Center offers simple information for stepfamilies to consider financial issues.

Youth Relationships

American Psychological Association’s Love Doesn’t Have to Hurt for Teens is a bold, directly written publication for young people about healthy dating relationships and abuse.

Love is Respect – Empowering Youth to End Dating Abuse is a national website that offers a wealth of resources primarily for young people via online, text or phone in both English and Espanol. Includes quizzes, blogs, chat and downloads.

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