Parenting Future Readers

Learning to read is one of those goals that all parents share for their children, and well it should be. Early reading ability is one of the key predictors of how children will succeed in their later schooling and life. And while schools and child care programs can have a big effect on the development of literacy, families still have the biggest impact.

Research of the last two decades provides useful advice for parents who want to promote their young children’s language and literacy development. Parenting Future Readers translates that advice into easy explanations and activities for parents. For instance, they tell parents about the importance of talking with and reading to their children, as well as creating print-rich home environments. Each Parenting Future Readers fact sheet is tailored for parents of children ages zero to three. We encourage you to share them with others who care for young children – family members, child care providers and others who can help build children’s literacy skills.  Updated in 2019.

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