Fatherhood in Wisconsin

Fathers want to be fathers. The dads in our lives play a crucial role in our children’s development and the well-being of our families. We know that dads today face many challenges finding the support they need to be fully present for their children. At the University of Wisconsin-Madison Extension, we research the needs of fathers and respond by providing classes, support, and resources that improve the lives of dads.

Wisconsin Needs Assessment

We assessed what fathers in Wisconsin need and where the gaps are in current services before creating new programs. We learned that for fathers to be successful, they need more concrete support, including in parenting. Read more.

Classes for Fathers

Parenting classes designed for dads and open to all. Learn tips and tricks to develop your children’s social and emotional skills while connecting with other fathers. We offer classes and support groups. Explore more.

Resources for Fathers and Father-Serving Service Providers

The cover of the fatherhood needs assessment report featuring a father painting with his child

Fatherhood Needs Assessment Report

Fathers and service providers in Wisconsin gave input about how fathers define successful fatherhood. Read about what fathers need most and possible solutions.

Anywhere Dads Podcast

An 11 episode podcast about parenting for incarcerated fathers and their families, featuring the voices of fathers who are incarcerated.

Black Fatherhood Podcast

The Black Fatherhood Podcast explores a range of topics central to Black fatherhood. The conversations bring together scholars and experts to examine the historical context, benefits, and current societal factors influencing Black fatherhood, offering key insights and actions to consider.


Fatherhood.gov is a national clearing house for all things fatherhood. Access resources for dads and for service providers, including activities, toolkits, and more.

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