Additional Resources on Prenatal/Infants

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BabyCenter provides parents with trusted information, advice from peers, and support at every stage of a child’s development. BabyCenter is a member of the Johnson & Johnson company and the website includes online communities, email series, social programs, print publications, and public health initiatives and more.

Parents Magazine is a monthly national magazine that features science-based information on child development aimed at helping parents raise their children. This website has topics to explore at all stages of pregnancy and raising young children.

Text4Baby is a mobile information service designed to promote maternal and child health through text messaging

What to look for in a (childcare) program helps help parents assess different child care settings with  resources created by the National Association for the Education of the Young Children (NAEYC).

Zero to Three provides extensive topic-based information for expecting parents and those with infants and toddlers, founded in 1977 by leading researchers and clinicians in diverse disciplines focused on child development.

Health and Development

Act Early Wisconsin aims to educate parents about childhood development, including early warning signs of autism and other developmental disorders, and encourages developmental screening and intervention.  Together with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) National Center on Birth Defects and Developmental Disabilities (NCBDDD), and a number of national partners they launched a public awareness campaign called “Learn the Signs. Act Early.”

Center on the Developing Child identifies key scientific concepts behind child development and shares what promotes the best outcomes for children from research at Harvard University.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website provides information about several prenatal topics, including scientific articles and how to keep yourself and baby safe during pregnancy and after your child is born.

Children’s Health Alliance of Wisconsin (CHAW) focuses on health initiatives such as safe sleep practices, early dental care, early literacy and more.

Healthy Children provides programs and activities, publications and other child health resources and recommendations on child health and specific guidance on pregnancy and parenting infants from the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) leading child health expert.

WI Department of Children and Families (Family Resources) helps parents finding child care, learn about the Young Star quality rating program, financial assistance and other resources connected to quality environments for your child.

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