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Studies suggest that maintaining family ties and family support can be key factors in successful transition of returning inmates. The resources listed below share information, research and strategies to support individuals, families and children of incarcerated parents. Resources specific to jail populations and partners have been included.

NEW Promising Family Strengthening Programs for Justice-Involved Audiences — This abridged list provides Extension educators with a list of the most promising, research-based family strengthening programs for use in local justice systems. A section on resources and approaches shares additional ideas to supplement and broaden the scope and impact of the family strengthening programs.

Little Children, Big Challenges — Sesame Street toolkit for children of incarcerated parents and their caregivers

Role of Family in Reentry — Presentation from WI Counties Association Educational Seminar, Community Corrections and Jail Reentry

Transitioning Jail Inmates: Why Family Matters — Presentation from Transitioning Jail Inmates Back to Community, Why Family Matters Seminar

NEW Family Support During Incarceration and Reentry: A Compendium of Resources (PDF) — An annotated list of resources related to the impact of incarceration on families, supporting families with a loved one experiencing incarceration, and engaging community partners in building child and family support.

NEW Guide to Educational Programming with Incarcerated AudiencesThis document is designed to help University Extension Educators make an informed decision about working with justice-involved audiences across such varied settings as jail, probation, alternatives and diversion, and courts. It includes questions specific to program planning, educator comfort, skill and safety, and educational program design and content.

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